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Thailand Invites You To Experience Martial Law

a man in military uniform holding a baton
image: BBC News

People often ask me if I have a favorite country that I’ve visited. While I don’t really have an answer to that very difficult question, if I had to choose a few, Thailand would definitely be on the short list.  Experiences from that trip really hooked me on a region filled with friendly people, cheap (but great) sites & activities and overall changed my views on travel.

After visiting Thailand, I was hungry for more. We’d return to SE Asia for a trip which included a short visit to Vietnam and a longer one to Cambodia. Both (so to speak) definitely hit the spot. (We also had a brief one night stay in Bankgkok and also visited Hong Kong & Macao during that trip.) Since then we’ve also visited more places in Asia like Singapore, Bali, Malaysia and Japan. Continue reading Thailand Invites You To Experience Martial Law