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Fascinating Pop Culture Maps

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 12.04.18 PMKim and I love maps and have a few interesting ones hanging on our walls. Maps can make for a great piece of art while also being quite interesting and informative.

I came across a bunch of very different maps thanks to Thrillist.

  • College Humor Presents: 9 Oddly Fascinating Pop Culture Maps

I figured that the maps featured would be really silly and of little interest but after looking over them I have to say- the title does not lie. I mean, some of the maps were a bit ridiculous but a bunch of them really were fascinating!

Check out the maps that I feel are worth checking out:

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Flashback Friday: Airline Mergers & Bankruptcies Interactive Map


Earlier this week the Justice Department settled its lawsuit against the merger of American Airlines and US Airways. In order to settle, the airline had to “agree to give up slots at key airports around the country to low-cost competitors“.

With the merger officially going through, American and US Air will now combine to form the world’s largest airline.

Find out more about the merger from:

With this weeks big airline news I thought it was best to share an old post related to the topic for this week’s Flashback Friday. The post has an interesting graphic from USA Today (in 2011) which shows the transformation of the airline industry over the past 33 years.

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