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Former TV Star Becomes Cruise Director

Willie Aames
image: twitter

In the mid 1980’s Charles in Charge was pretty popular television show. It’s also been popular when aired as reruns although I can’t recall the last time I’ve seen an episode of the show.

Did you know that one of the show’s former stars is now a cruise director on a 930 passenger ship?   Continue reading Former TV Star Becomes Cruise Director

Carnival To Offer Voluntourism Option On Cruises

Carnival Cruise Lines
MV Adonia image: Carnival Corp. from ABC News

A popular way to travel for some is to mix volunteering into their travels. Trips of this nature are known as voluntourism.

While I can’t say that I’ve taken one of these trips to date, I have looked into them and some of them do sound like amazing experiences. I’m just not so sure that they are a fitting style of trip to take part in for now with a 3-year-old!

Now Carnival Corp. has announced that they will be creating a new brand called fathom. Continue reading Carnival To Offer Voluntourism Option On Cruises

86 Year Old Spends $164,000 A Year To Live On Cruise Ship

living on a cruise ship
image: buzzfeed article

While I love traveling, cruises are definitely not my thing.

I’ve been on a cruise once in my life and it certainly didn’t leave me wanting to go back for more. Some things that I don’t like about cruises are that you are stuck for long periods of time onboard and when you do stop, you usually get a short visit wherever it might be. Also, the day seems to revolve around the meal schedule and (at least on our cruise) there weren’t enough lounge chairs by the pool.

I will add that the cruise we went on wasn’t one of those mega-ships. If I was to try a cruise again, I wouldn’t mind trying a river cruise. I’ve read positive things about them and I’m guessing it would be a very different experience.

Why am I writing about cruises if I don’t like them? Continue reading 86 Year Old Spends $164,000 A Year To Live On Cruise Ship