Carnival To Offer Voluntourism Option On Cruises

Carnival Cruise Lines
MV Adonia image: Carnival Corp. from ABC News

A popular way to travel for some is to mix volunteering into their travels. Trips of this nature are known as voluntourism.

While I can’t say that I’ve taken one of these trips to date, I have looked into them and some of them do sound like amazing experiences. I’m just not so sure that they are a fitting style of trip to take part in for now with a 3-year-old!

Now Carnival Corp. has announced that they will be creating a new brand called fathom. According to ABC News, these cruises are “aimed primarily at cruisers who want to add an element of so-called voluntourism to their trips“.

The first trip of this sort will set sail in April 2016 aboard the MV Adonia going from Miami to the Dominican Republic.

Carnival is calling the fathom brand “social impact travel” where interested cruisers can take part “in activities focused on education, the environment and economic development” according to the article.

Some options in the DR will be:

  • Help out a teacher in a school to work with students on their English skills.
  • Build water filters using local clay and then deliver them to the local community so they could have healthy drinking water.

A nice option during these cruises is that the individual decides how much time is spent volunteering. Some might spend a few hours while others might do a 3 day option.

Three of the options are included in the price of the cruise while others might come with additional fees.

Carnival is hoping to “attract a new customer base with a departure from the traditional cruise itinerary and shore excursions“.

Although I am not a fan of cruises, this does sound like a very interesting idea.

Find out more from ABC here.

3 thoughts on “Carnival To Offer Voluntourism Option On Cruises

  1. Nettie Daniels- All you need to do is book a cruise with Fathom to take part in voluntourism. These kind of trips are not free as you book a trip and volunteer some of your time!

    1. Thank you for the reply. I will check on booking a trip in December 2016 on Fathom. This sounds like an awesome experience. Nettie

  2. I will be retiring from higher education administration, effective November 2016 and would like more information about this volunteer effort.

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