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US Airways Grand Slam update- Office Max Hit Posted!

I have been waiting for a few more “hits” to post to my US Air account before going any further with the Grand Slam. My second bonus posted last week so I have now earned 10,000 miles from the promo.
After sending a couple of e-mails to Office Max my miles finally posted from a purchase I made over 3 weeks ago! This now gives me credit for 12/14 hits so I should be due for my next bonus this week. The 12th hit will give me 5,000 more US Air miles so I am getting close to my goal of earning 25,000 miles.

If you are still waiting for Office Max to post to your US Air account, you should send an inquiry to . My points posted within 2 days by doing this.

To get to the next bonus level I am now waiting on miles to post from Thanks Again and Share Builder. I still need to get two more hits after that which I think will be a Super Shuttle ride that I will never take and hopefully earn enough e-miles to transfer to US Air for free.

If you are thinking of trying to earn some miles in the 2011 US Airways Grand Slam make sure to register at