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Earn An EASY 500 Priority Club Points

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Last year one of my most popular posts was when I was giving out codes to earn 1,000  
Priority Club points for watching a 90 second video. 

The codes have long ran out but here is another great offer to earn-
500 free Priority Club Points.

The best part is that no codes are needed! Let me explain:
Priority Club would like members to support it’s green initiative and go paperless by signing up for monthly eStatements. Instead of wasting paper, your statements will be e-mailed to you on a monthly basis. 

For switching over to eStatements you will earn 500 bonus points!

Follow these steps to switch to eStatements:

  1. Log on to your Priority Club account at
  2. Under Edit Email Subscriptions select eStatements
  3. Save the changes  

The 500 points bonus offer is good until December 31, 2012 (and you must remain opted in to eStatements until then). Bonus points should post in 6- 8 weeks.

An EASY 2,000 Priority Club Points

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Here is a way to earn an easy 2,000 Priority Club Points
To earn the points you will need to complete online profiles for Priority Club Shopping, Dining & Cruises. You will also need to register your credit or debit card with Shopping & Dining. 
The price to pay for the points is a few minutes of your time and receiving e-mails from Priority Club.
**An additional 1,000 points can be earned through the Dining program for spending $30 on a single dine at a participating restaurant within 45 days.
The Offer (from the Priority Club site) :
1,000 Points-Shop

Reward yourself every time you shop. Earn up to 20 points for every dollar spent at over 600 of your favorite online retailers. Earn 500 bonus points when you set your account to receive special offer emails. Plus, register any of your credit or debit cards to earn an additional 500 bonus points and maximize your point earning opportunities at participating retail store locations

500 Points- Dine

The Priority Club Dining program rewards you for going to your choice of thousands of participating restaurants, bars or clubs – including many of your favorites. Earn 500 bonus points and 5 points per dollar spent when you complete your online profile, plus earn 1,000 points when you spend $30 on a single dine at a participating restaurant, bar or club within 45 days. Simply register your credit or debit card – the rest happens automatically

500 Points- Cruise

Reserve any stateroom on any sailing on the world’s top cruise lines through Priority Club Cruises and you’ll earn points based on the length of your itinerary – up to 20,000 points. Register to receive Deal Emails from Priority Club Cruises to earn 500 bonus points and be among the first to learn about sales and the hottest new offers.

Offer ends May 31, 2012 

Sign up HERE 

Final E-Mail from US Airways for the 2011 Grand Slam

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I received an e-mail from US Airways with the subject-    Way To Go Michael!

Here is what US Air e-mailed me about:

Good job, slugger

You earned 16 hits for a total of 25,000 bonus miles – and we’re all cheering for you! And, you may still have a few more miles coming your way. Hits made between September 14 and November 14 will continue to post through March 28, 2012.

It was nice to receive this e-mail at the end of the Grand Slam although it wasn’t of much use.(I already knew all of the information they were telling me!)

I am hoping that next year US Air communicates better througout the Grand Slam. It would be nice to receive updates each time a hit posts to an account- possibly have a scorecard of some sort to mark off hits earned that shows in your Dividend Miles account online.