Final E-Mail from US Airways for the 2011 Grand Slam

a baseball field with text
I received an e-mail from US Airways with the subject-    Way To Go Michael!

Here is what US Air e-mailed me about:

Good job, slugger

You earned 16 hits for a total of 25,000 bonus miles – and we’re all cheering for you! And, you may still have a few more miles coming your way. Hits made between September 14 and November 14 will continue to post through March 28, 2012.

It was nice to receive this e-mail at the end of the Grand Slam although it wasn’t of much use.(I already knew all of the information they were telling me!)

I am hoping that next year US Air communicates better througout the Grand Slam. It would be nice to receive updates each time a hit posts to an account- possibly have a scorecard of some sort to mark off hits earned that shows in your Dividend Miles account online.

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