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Lonely Planet: Extreme Cuises- Top 10 Exotic Tastes

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I found this article from Lonely Planet online which was posted in January 2010 and thought that it would be of interest to some readers.

When traveling, I am always more open to trying and eating new things. Learning about odd and weird foods became much easier when Andrew Zimmern’s show Bizarre Foods came out on Travel Channel.

The funny thing is that I am a very picky eater. I’ll tell you the things that I don’t eat, rather than what I do eat. I don’t eat many vegetables. The only ones I eat are carrots, a couple of kinds of lettuce and certain types of olives. When it comes to fruits, I am even pickier, I only eat apples.

When it comes to meat, I will try pretty much anything. On trips to Africa I’ve eaten many types of gazelles, zebra steak & warthog. I’ve had kangaroo in Australia and also cooked my own ostrich hot dog on the barbie. In Cambodia I got to cook my own platter of meats table side. It included snake and goat among some others. 

Here is Lonely Planet’s list of Extreme Cuisine:

  1. Witchetty Grub, Australia 
  2. Testicle, Afghanistan 
  3. Stingray, Iceland 
  4. Sea Cucumber, China 
  5. Scorpion, Thailand 
  6. Pig Face, China 
  7. Guinea Pig, Peru 
  8. Grasshopper, Mexico 
  9. Fugu, Japan 
  10. Chicha, Latin America

To find out more about each of these extreme cuisines Click HERE