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Reminder to Register Your Cards For Dining & Shopping Portals

a hand holding a credit card
I’ve been meaning to write a post regarding earning extra miles and points for doing things that we do on a regular basis- Shopping & Dining.

I went online to update my AAdvantage Dining Program account. When I logged in, I saw the image above. This got me thinking- It’s time to write that post!

We are now well into 2012 and I’m sure that many of us have received lots of great, new credit cards. The main chunk of miles and points come from signup bonuses but let’s remember that every mile counts! Take a few minutes to go through you wallet and double check that all of your new cards are registered in airline, hotel and credit card Shopping & Dining portals. Just about everybody has one.

Also- if you have any airline and hotel accounts with expiring miles, an easy way to extend the date is by earning miles by shopping and dining.

Weight Limits For Carry-On Bags?

How would you like the airlines to enforce a weight limit on your carry-on bag? 

I actually don’t see this as such a bad thing. As much as the weight is an issue, I find the dimensions of a piece of luggage to be much more important. As a passenger why is it fair that some people are hogging up most of an overheard bin meant to be shared by at least 3 passengers? 

Countless times while boarding a plane I’ve pointed out luggage that I felt had no right being brought on board as a carry-on to my wife. If your wheelie bag does not fit down the aisle of the plane, then I think it should be checked! 

According to a Fox News article, some airlines are starting to enforce weight limits for carry-on bags. Hawaiian Airlines enforces a 25 pound weight limit. Gate agents might even weigh your bags at the gate!
US Airways might make you check your bag if it goes over 40 pounds. Some other airlines limiting carry-on weights are ANA- 22 pounds, Lufthansa-17.5 pounds and Virgin Atlantic- 13 pounds.
I guess carry-on weight limits don’t bother me too much due to the fact that I am usually traveling with a 60 kilogram backpack on most trips. There is clearly no way that is getting on-board!

To read the Fox News article  click here

Some Interesting Articles- Qantas Grounds A380, Avoid Airline Fees and more

Qantas Grounds A380 – Qantas temporarily grounded one of it’s A380s after discovering dozens of hairline cracks during a maintenance inspection. The cracks were different than the ones found by Airbus in metal brackets inside the wings of two jets last month.

Trench Coats, Vacuum Seal Bags & Other Ways to Avoid Airline Fees – As airlines come up with more fees, travelers are coming up with creative ways to avoid them.

50 Ultimate Travel Apps… So Far – CNN Travel lists some of the best apps out there. The list is a mix of free & for purchase apps.

Guidelines Dispute Economy Class Syndrome – You’re no more likely to develop dangerous blood clots if you are stuck sitting in coach. Read more about it in this article.

Choice Hotels- Earn Airline Miles + Choice Priveleges Points

Choice Priveleges is doubling the rewards you can earn.
You can now earn Airline Miles AND Choice Priveleges Points for your stay now through 2/29/12

Airline Miles can be earned with:

  1. Aeroplan (Air Canada)
  2. Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan
  3. American Airlines AAdvantage
  4. Continental Airlines OnePass
  5. Delta SkyMiles
  7. Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards
  8. US Airways Dividend Miles
  9. United MileagePlus
  10. Amtrak Guest Rewards

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Bolivia’s State Run Airline Becomes Market Leader

Bolivia’s state run airline Boliviana de Aviacion has became a leader in domestic air travel in just three years. Around the world privatization has been the way of the airline industry so a state run airline doing well is pretty surprising.

Boliviana de Aviacion has abolished first class and sells all seats for the same price. They control about half of Bolivia’s domestic air travel market and their fleet consists of six leased Boeing 737s with talks of plans to buy six Embraer 190 jets.

Read more about the success of Boliviana de Aviacion in the AP/Associated Press article here