Weight Limits For Carry-On Bags?

How would you like the airlines to enforce a weight limit on your carry-on bag? 

I actually don’t see this as such a bad thing. As much as the weight is an issue, I find the dimensions of a piece of luggage to be much more important. As a passenger why is it fair that some people are hogging up most of an overheard bin meant to be shared by at least 3 passengers? 

Countless times while boarding a plane I’ve pointed out luggage that I felt had no right being brought on board as a carry-on to my wife. If your wheelie bag does not fit down the aisle of the plane, then I think it should be checked! 

According to a Fox News article, some airlines are starting to enforce weight limits for carry-on bags. Hawaiian Airlines enforces a 25 pound weight limit. Gate agents might even weigh your bags at the gate!
US Airways might make you check your bag if it goes over 40 pounds. Some other airlines limiting carry-on weights are ANA- 22 pounds, Lufthansa-17.5 pounds and Virgin Atlantic- 13 pounds.
I guess carry-on weight limits don’t bother me too much due to the fact that I am usually traveling with a 60 kilogram backpack on most trips. There is clearly no way that is getting on-board!

To read the Fox News article  click here

2 thoughts on “Weight Limits For Carry-On Bags?

  1. I wish it was if you can lift it into the overhead bin you can carry it on. I sometimes travel with heavy photography equipment that would be too heavy for a lot of the limits, but between the baggage throwers and thieves I couldn’t risk putting it in checked luggage.

    1. That’s definitely an interesting perspective to look at it from! I totally hear where you are coming from but how do the airlines decide what is carry-on worthy and what’s not?

      I am not sure if you read the Fox News story-but could you imagine opening an overheard bin and have a heavy item (that’s not even yours)fall on another passenger and then you get sued for this??? Crazy, right?

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