Reminder to Register Your Cards For Dining & Shopping Portals

I’ve been meaning to write a post regarding earning extra miles and points for doing things that we do on a regular basis- Shopping & Dining.

I went online to update my AAdvantage Dining Program account. When I logged in, I saw the image above. This got me thinking- It’s time to write that post!

We are now well into 2012 and I’m sure that many of us have received lots of great, new credit cards. The main chunk of miles and points come from signup bonuses but let’s remember that every mile counts! Take a few minutes to go through you wallet and double check that all of your new cards are registered in airline, hotel and credit card Shopping & Dining portals. Just about everybody has one.

Also- if you have any airline and hotel accounts with expiring miles, an easy way to extend the date is by earning miles by shopping and dining.

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