NYC’s Economy Candy Expanding For 1st Time Since 1937!

Economy CandyEconomy Candy, located on NYC’s Lower East Side is the city’s oldest retail candy shop.

The shop is iconic and a fun visit for all ages. It’s pretty much guaranteed to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth!

For the first time in their history (founded in 1937), they’ll be opening a second location!

Eater reports that, “a sibling location will debut at the Chelsea Market on February 7.”

The smaller space will be called A Taste Of Economy Candy. It will offer less options than the original along with rotating sweets each month.

Economy Candy has “2,000+ items, including chocolate covered graham crackers (with and without jelly), chocolate covered pretzels, jelly rings, bags of gummies, or that candy bar you just can’t find anywhere else.”

Whenever we visit the shop, my kids are amazed at the variety of candy offered, most of which they’ve never see anywhere else. They also love getting to pick out some candy! I always buy some chocolate cover gummy bears…

I haven’t been to Chelsea Market in a very long time. I definitely plan to visit soon to check out A Taste Of Economy Candy!

Chelsea Market is located at 75 9th Avenue in New York City.

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