Southwest Luv Voucher Expiring, Extend It!

Southwest Luv VoucherOn the way home from Florida last year, we faced a bit of a delay on our connecting flight back to New York.

The airline automatically issued a $100 Southwest Luv Voucher to every passenger on the delayed flight.

While $100 won’t typically get you very far, the vouchers can be combined. They’re also  not only tied to the person they were issued to. This gave us $300 in vouchers which I definitely didn’t want to waste.

We’re not frequent Southwest flyers these days but I did look to use the vouchers randomly throughout the year. Sadly, I never found a flight worth redeeming them for.

As the expiration neared, I found a flight for us in late May 2023. The vouchers were expiring late February 2023. I mistakenly thought we needed to book the flight by that date but unfortunately, upon reading the fine print I realized that this was when we needed to complete our travels!

We already had a trip booked for the upcoming February break so it looked like the Southwest Luv Vouchers would be going in the trash or possibly given away…

I decided to give the airline a call and see if there was any chance the vouchers expiration could be extended.

After briefly describing the situation, I was put on a brief hold. I was then told that our Southwest Luv Voucher qualified for a six month extension!

This was perfect. We’d now book the flight I found for late May, using our $300 in savings. Not so fast…

I was then told to hold, we’d be issued new vouchers which would be sent via e-mail. The only problem- they could take 7 days to arrive but it typically took around 3-5 according to the rep.

I was definitely worried that the flight I found would sell out. However, the new Luv Vouchers were e-mailed to me the following day!

Final Thoughts:

Had I carefully read the terms of the voucher, I could’ve avoided this situation from the start. Regardless, if you have an expiring Southwest Luv Voucher, give the airline a call and hopefully they can extend it for you.

You can find all of Southwest’s customer service info here.


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