Bumper Cars On The Tarmac, Fun Reason To Visit The TWA Hotel!

Bumper Cars

The TWA Hotel has lots of good reasons to visit besides reserving one of their rooms.

The hotel has a variety of interesting amenities like a mini-food hall, rooftop pool, a Twister room and a bar within an airplane. You could even go rollerskating on the tarmac!

The TWA Hotel is again offering another fun runway activity- Bumper Cars!

The course is located near the hotel’s “Connie”- 1958 Lockheed Constellation which is now a cocktail lounge. Each car has a unique name like Hammer Time, The Bumpty Dance, Nervous Wrecker and One Hit Wonder!

Every Friday through Sunday until November 2022, you’ll be able to have some crashingly good fun riding the bumper cars.

Here is the schedule:

  • Friday: 4-8PM
  • Saturday & Sunday: 12-8PM

Tickets are sold first come, first served and group bookings are possible.

The cost for a session is $20 per adult, $16 for kids. (There’s no mention of how long each session lasts.) Purchases need to be made by credit card.

I definitely plan to head over to the TWA Hotel with my kids to ride the Bumper Cars, will you?

Find out more from the TWA Hotel here.

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