The TWA Hotel Now Has A Twister Room!

TWA HotelBack in 2014, we got to visit the TWA Flight Center during Open House New York.

The following year was the final time that the flight center was open during OHNY before being turned into the lux TWA Hotel.

The TWA Hotel opened earlier this year and has lots of amenities on site which make for a good reason to visit.

The hotel has its own food hall and there’s a variety of other interesting dining option including the Paris Cafe by Jean-Georges. The most exciting attraction might be the Pool Bar which has an infinity pool and observation deck where you can enjoy views of the runway.

(There’s also a cocktail lounge inside a restored Connie  L-1649A, one of only four of these planes left in the world!

You can also do some shopping or visit the fitness center which is free for guests. Otherwise, day and monthly passes are available.

The TWA Hotel just added another new and interesting attraction. The property now has a Twister room, “a whole room designed to tie you up in knots“, according to the e-mail I received.

There aren’t many details about the room but there seems to be a bar inside since the e-mail also states that, ” Win or lose there’s always a cocktail waiting.”

Based on the photos in the e-mail, the room looks like a lot of fun. There’s a giant Twister spinner mounted to the wall and colorful spots all over the floor and walls.

If you need a quick (but pricey) way to get to the property, you can always take a private helicopter ride there.

Find out more about the TWA Hotel here.

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