American Airlines Cutting Service To These 4 Cities After The Summer

American Airlines
image: aero-shots

There’s a bit of bad news for those of you who frequently fly with American Airlines.

The airline “will end service to four cities in September citing pilot shortage“, according to USA Today.

Starting on Sept. 7, American will no longer serve two airports in New York, Islip & Ithaca,  Toledo, Ohio and Dubuque, Iowa.

All of the cities losing service currently have up to two flights per day to larger hubs from American Airlines regional affiliates. The airline will still have service from airports less than 100 miles from the airports losing service.

The issue isn’t the planes, it’s a lack of regional pilots to fly them.

USA Today reports, “the airline said it is taking other steps, including boosting regional pilot pay rates, to make its operation more reliable this summer“.

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