Did You Know? There’s An Interactive NYC Bathroom Map!

BathroomWhile wandering around NYC, it can be hard to find a bathroom when you gotta go.

The best bet is to find a Starbucks , Barnes & Noble or something along those lines. You could always go into a restaurant and ask nicely if you can use their restroom.

TimeOut New York wrote an article a few months back which could be very helpful when you’re in NYC.

The article shares news that, “This interactive map shows every single open bathroom in NYC.”

The map was created by Dr. Wansoo Im, a professor at Meharry University.

I clicked the link to check out the map. The map has filter options which let you search for bathrooms in six categories. The categories are Public, Book Store, Coffee Shop, Hotel, Fast Food and Other.

You can also search with My Location and with a Find Address option.

TimeOut suggests that you add a bookmark this useful NYC bathroom map, I think that I’ll take their advice! 🙂

Find out more about Dr. Im’s interactive bathroom map here.

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