United Airlines Inflight COVID Service, The All-In-One Snack Bag

United AirlinesLast weekend, the Michael W Travels flew for the first time in a long time. We flew with United Airlines to El Salvador!

We’re currently traveling around the county, having a great time checking out lots of sites and visiting a bunch of different areas.

To get to El Salvador, we had to fly from Newark Airport to Houston and then on to San Salvador. Each flight wasn’t very long so we didn’t expect a meal service but we did wonder if any sort of snacks would be served.United AirlinesThe flight attendants announced that a snack and beverage service would be provided and there were also some things available for purchase.

Besides a beverage cart offering a variety of drinks to choose from, an All-in-One Snack Bag was given out.

The bags contained a small bottle of Dasani water, pack of pretzels and a family favorite, Biscoff cookies!

Overall, the snack bags were a pretty solid offering and none of us had any complaints. Serving the snacks in bags also seemed to speed up delivery of the items. Maybe this is the way inflight service for shorter flights should be done regardless of a pandemic…

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