Is The United Airlines Inflight Magazine COVID Safe?

United AirlinesIt’s been a while since my family and I last stepped foot on a plane. That changed a few days back.

We recently flew on United Airlines to El Salvador. This was my and Lucas’s first flight since February 2020. For Kim and Theo, it’s been even longer. They hadn’t flown since August 31, 2019!

While waiting for our flight to depart, I skimmed through United’s inflight magazine, Hemispheres.When I pulled the magazine out of the seat back pocket, something interesting caught my eye.

On the top corner of the cover, it stated “This Magazine Has Been Treated With An Antimicrobial Process.”

I was surprised (and impressed) to learn that a magazine could be treated to be kept clean.

Prior to picking up the magazine, I didn’t consider whether or not it was COVID safe. (The plane we were flying on arrived at Newark Airport late and I highly doubt that United Airlines staff switched out all of the magazines…)

It’s nice to see that United is taking safety precautions seriously, even when it comes to their inflight magazine.

If you’re interested in checking out the United Airlines Hemispheres magazine, you can read it online here.

2 thoughts on “Is The United Airlines Inflight Magazine COVID Safe?

  1. A magazine is not completely safe but there are far more hazardous things for Covid-19 when traveling from leaving home to arriving at the hotel in the destination.

  2. Notwithstanding the fact that COVID-19 surface transmission from something like a magazine has never actually been a serious consideration…

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