An Awesome Addition To The TWA Hotel Food Hall: Mister Softee

Mister SofteeEver since the TWA Hotel opened, I’ve been wanting to visit but the timing just hasn’t been right. The last time I’ve been to the building was when we visited the TWA Flight Center during Open House NY.

The hotel offers a lot of fun experiences throughout the year like rollerskating on the runway rink(or ice skating). You can also visit the Twister Room and grab a bite to eat in the Food Hall.

Since opening, the TWA Hotel Food Hall has changed a bit and now a new vendor has set up shop inside, Mister Softee!

Mister Softee is a Michael W Travels family favorite. For those of you unfamiliar with Mister Softee, their trucks are known for delicious, soft serve ice cream and their beloved or annoying (depending on how you look at it) jingle!

Besides the trucks, you can also find their ice cream at stands including one at the home of the NY Mets, Citi Field.

With the addition of Mister Softee, the TWA Hotel Food Hall is also home to vendors like TWA Corner Store, Fly-By Bagels, Vinny’s Panini, Feltman’s of Coney Island and Crepes Your Way.

When I finally make it over to the TWA Hotel, I’ll be grabbing a hot dog from Feltman’s before grabbing some ice cream!

Find out more about the TWA Hotel Food Hall here.

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