Rome Now Has A Pizza Vending Machine!

Not From Pizza Vending Machine…

While in Rome, Kim and I enjoyed lots of excellent pizza around the city. A couple of shops which stood out were Pizzeria Da Baffetto and Forno Campo de’ Fiori. (There are other shops we enjoyed who’s names I can not recall.)

While there are a variety of different styles, there’s now a new pizza option in Rome. These pies sound very interesting but the early reviews aren’t very good.

The new pizza sounds very unique and interesting since it can be bought from a vending machine!

The New York Post writes that, “Mr. Pizza Go” can cook four types of pizza in three minutes, but the early reviews are that the pies taste just like you’d expect from a vending machine.”

Pies cost the equivalent of $5.20- $7.20. The machine makes the pizza and cooks it behind a glass window.

Based on the Post article, these pies sound pretty bad. Regardless, I’d definitely give it a try due to the novelty of eating pizza made in a vending machine! Would you be interested in giving this unique pizzeria a try?

Find out more from the New York Post here.

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