I Bought The Largest Individual LEGO Set, The Art World Map!

LEGOThe Michael W Travels family really likes maps. Besides being extremely helpful while planning trips,  we’ve bought a handful of maps to hang on our walls. (Most are actually still waiting to get hung up.)

I recently came across a LEGO set that I had to track down and purchase. No, I wasn’t looking for the set for my kids. This LEGO set isn’t what I’d consider a toy, it’s more hangable art.

The new LEGO World Map is a great looking map once completed but that might take a while. This new set has the distinction of being the largest individual set ever made by the company.LEGOThe former record holder was the Colosseum set which costs a pricey $549.99.

The World Map isn’t a cheap set either, coming in at $249.99. The problem is that even if you’d like to buy it, you might not be able to find it.

The new record breaking set has 11,695 pieces and can be put together three ways. It also has LEGO “push pins” so you can mark off where you’ve been or where you plan to go! You can also follow the patterns for the ocean or create your own design for a more custom look.

What I love about this set, is that you get a beautiful map which you can display thanks to the included hanging hook.

We plan to wait a bit before we start the massive project of completing this set. (We have a bunch of travel coming up this summer…)

The LEGO World Map is currently sold out online. The website mentions how it might be available in stores. That’s how I got my hands on the set last week!

Find out more about the new World Map set here.

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