A Wallet To Help Keep Your Collection Of Credit Cards Organized

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While reading an article from Delish, I came across an item which could be a big help to those of us who like to churn credit cards.

The article, 50 Best-Selling Amazon Products to Add to Your Shopping Cart ASAP suggested a bunch of interesting products but it was a wallet that really stood out.

Wallets are probably not the most exciting items but this one is a bit special. However, I’d probably never take it outside with me… Let me explain.

The Travelambo Women’s Wallet has 18 card slots and two zippered pockets. The wallet is also RFID blocking. It also looks pretty large, so good luck getting it into a pocket.

While I have no need for a women’s wallet, this item could be a great item to organize all of my credit cards with. The two zippered pockets could also be a good place to store leftover foreign currency that I’d like to be able to easily find for future trips. (Here’s looking at you Euros and Canadian dollars!)

The wallet ranges in price from $9.99 to $19.99, so we’re not talking about a pricey investment. Then again, I could also just stick with the rubber band holding my stack of credit cards together!

After showing Kim this wallet, (she thought it looked pretty good for the price), I did a quick search on Amazon.  I found plenty of wallet options for men which also held a vast amount of credit card slots.

Here are a few which looked interesting:

Another option…

image: Amazon

Another option would be to purchase a cheap index card holder!

How do you organize your credit cards?

Check out the other products Delish suggests here.

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