Pepperidge Farm Giving Away FREE Cookie Kits Tomorrow For National Cookie Day

Pepperidge FarmDecember 4 is National Cookie Day and Pepperidge Farm wants to send you a Holiday Cookie Kit, for FREE!

Travel + Leisure says “the company will be giving exclusive cookie kits to fans“.

Each kit includes five classic Pepperidge Farm cookie varieties. I assume this means that each kit comes with one bag of each variety.

The kits include Mint Brussels, Double Milk Chocolate Milano, Chessmen, Snowball and Candy Cane Milan. It also comes with a custom-made cookie platter. Pretty cool if you ask me!

The promotion is open to legal residents of the 50 United States and DC, 18 years of age or older.

According to the official rules, only 175 kits will be given out. We’re big fans of Pepperidge Farms products so I’d definitely love to win one of the kits. Besides their Goldfish crackers, we also love Milanos, Brussels and Sausalito cookies.

If you love cookies, find out what we made on Thanksgiving here.

To try to get your hands on one of these exclusive cookie kits, head over to the Pepperidge Farm promo site here on December 4 at 8:00AM  ET for a chance to win.

27 thoughts on “Pepperidge Farm Giving Away FREE Cookie Kits Tomorrow For National Cookie Day

    1. My Dad first tried Pepperidge Farms when I was a child and I continued on with my children and now my children have introduced Pepperidge Farms to my grandbabies. Pepperidge Farms is Our family Tradition.

  1. I cant get on the site for free cookie day today. I but your products all the time and am currently going to food banks due to covid and no work

  2. I tried to enter. Since 6am Arizona time and was told it was in error and at 6:08 it is over…WHAT A SCAM!!!!!

  3. I set a reminder to go on your site at 8 today for the free cookie kit. It could not be found on this site. When I finally found it at 8:25, of course, the promotion was over. What a joke.

  4. I got a message saying sorry the campaign has ended less than an hour after it started. Pepperridge Farm got people excited and then let us down. Right before Christmas. In 2020. I agree with the person from Arizona…what a scam!

  5. Hi Everyone- Pepperidge Farm is not my site and the giveaway page was really buggy. I was on before 8:00 and kept refreshing the page/ managed to win a cookie kit! Let’s see if I actually receive it.

  6. My family love Pepperidge Farm cookies. we have enjoyed eating and sharing with gust at birthday parties and cookouts ect.

    Thank you for making deliciouses cookies and ect.

  7. I checked your site yesterday and it told me to come back on Dec 4. I did that and the promotion was over. Bait and switch comes to mind. Terrible for your brand.

  8. Total scam I was on and it doesn’t work I got up early for this never again I will buy one thing from them but never again. I’ll find an alternative for puff pastry for next xmas

  9. Get over it all of you entitled cookie hounds….just because you did not get something for free….stop your whining.

  10. This was a scam..I spent from 7:50 to 9:30 am trying to get this..and for person who called us cookie’s a free contest ..I’m not letting this go for sake of us all being scammed


  12. I shop Kroger and Meijer regularly. Even going to several of these stores, I cannot get my favorite cookies. They are always out of stock. How can I get my cookies?

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