US Borders With Canada & Mexico Closed Until At Least November 21

US Borders
image: Pixabay

The spread of COVID-19 has seen an uptick in new cases since the end of the summer.

Back in July I wrote how the US Borders With Canada & Mexico would remain CLOSED Until Late August.

Border restrictions for non-essential travel between the US, Mexico and Canada were supposed to end yesterday, October 21 but that did not happen.

Lonely Planet reports that, “Border restrictions between the US, Canada and Mexico are being extended until November 21 to curb the spread of COVID-19, officials have announced.”

The border closures initially started in March but they’ve been extended each month. Border crossings are only allowed for citizens returning home and people who work in essential services and trade.

While you can’t cross the US borders into Mexico on the ground, Mexico still allows US (and Canadian) visitors to fly in with no quarantine rules. Canada will only allow you to fly in if you meet certain criteria and there’s still a 14-day quarantine required once you arrive.

It looks like we can cross Canada and Mexico off our potential lists for future road trips. Just kidding, I wasn’t really planning to drive to either country although Canada wouldn’t be out of the question.

Find out more from Lonely Planet here.

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