A Stop On The Anthony Bourdain Food Trail: James Salt Water Taffy

Since the Anthony Bourdain Food Trail officially debuted in New Jersey, I’ve slowly tried to visit the places which made the cut.

To date, we’ve been to:

Earlier in the summer, we took a short trip to the Jersey Shore. While there, we stopped into James’ Salt Water Taffy. I had tried to go years back (and before it was visited by Bourdain on his show) but it was closed.While spending a little time in Atlantic City, a candy store is definitely a fun place to take kids. We made it a point to check out James’ while also checking off another stop on the Anthony Bourdain Food Trail!

Before we made it far into the store, Lucas was already enjoying the visit as he posed for a photo with the fun cutout above.(Besides two James’ shops in Atlantic City, they also own the candy shops Fralinger’s and Bayard’s.)We then took a look around the long narrow shop, seeing what kind of sweet treats we might want to purchase.We had to give their salt water taffy a try considering it’s in the name of the shop! There’s a huge variety of flavors to choose from so we filled a bag up.

Kim, Lucas and I really enjoyed most of the taffy. I don’t recall which flavors were our favorites but I definitely would not recommend the grape.
Another popular item I had read about was the Molasses Taffy Paddle Pops.

My 8 year-old son Lucas was very interested in giving the dark chocolate treat a try. I took a bite or two and wasn’t a fan. I found the dark chocolate to be nothing special at all and the molasses taffy wasn’t a flavor or texture that I enjoyed. Lucas finished the pop off but wasn’t a huge fan either.

Final Thoughts:

If you happen to be visiting Atlantic City (or close by), it’s definitely worth checking out James’ Salt Water Taffy. Next time we’re in AC, we’ll definitely stop by to get more of the tasty salt water taffy.

However, I can’t say that it would be worth going out of your way for a visit unless you really love salt water taffy!

James’ Salt Water Taffy is located at 1519 Boardwalk Atlantic City, NJ.

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