Anthony Bourdain Recommended: Doughnut Hot Dog- Kiev, Ukraine

anthony bourdainIn early June, the world mourned when we found out that star chef, TV host and traveler Anthony Bourdain had taken his life.

Anthony Bourdain inspired many in different ways. When visiting a new destination that Anthony had visited, I usually search to see where he ate at on his shows No Reservations or Parts Unknown. This is a great way to get some recommendations from an authority on food and travel.

During our month-long summer trip, the Michael W Travels family spent a few days in Kiev, Ukraine. 

On the 2011 Ukraine episode of No Reservations, Anthony Bourdain stopped a small fast food window in Kiev called Kyivska Perepichka.

On our last day in Kiev, before taking the overnight sleeper train to Odessa, we stopped by Kyivska Perepichka for a very cheap dinner.a sign with a number of timesWhile we couldn’t read the menu, there was one thing that we came to try, their famous sausage in fried dough aka the perepichka. Anthony Bourdain described it as a doughnut hot dog which sounded tasty enough to try! a group of people sitting at a tableWe showed up to a short line and waited for our turn to order from the small window. From what we could tell, both locals and tourists lined up for this tasty treat. Some walked away with bags full of fried goodness. a man and boy standing in front of a buildingEach perepichka cost 15 Ukrainian hryvnia, which is around .54¢. Talk about a bargain!a hand holding a pastryEach perepichka comes inside a plastic bag. The fried dough is greasy so it’s best eaten by holding part of it in the bag!

After taking a couple of bites, I was really enjoying the fried dough (they could put some powdered sugar on it like a zeppole and serve it as dessert), but I did wonder when I’d get a bite with the sausage.
a hand holding a hot dogAfter another bite, I got a taste of the full package. The sausage, which was similar to a hot dog was very tasty. It had a mild flavor which went well with the fried dough.

Final Thoughts:

This doughnut hot dog was definitely a cross between a meal and dessert! I didn’t know what to expect before giving Kyivska Perepichka a try, but I’d definitely say that it’s a really tasty, enjoyable and unhealthy meal.

I’m glad that we waited until our last night in Kiev to give it a try, if not I may have wanted to visit Kyivska Perepichka on another occasion.

Kyivska Perepichka is located at 3 Khmelnytskoho Street Kiev, Ukraine.

6 thoughts on “Anthony Bourdain Recommended: Doughnut Hot Dog- Kiev, Ukraine

  1. Two years ago I was touring Kiev with my brother and we found the stand selling the deep fried hotdog we went back the next day for another

  2. When I was a student living in Kiev, I enjoyed that fried hot dog maybe s little more than I should’ve. I know that the window been there at least since the soviet times
    Very tasty , always been

  3. Wow man. You brought back some memories. @0 something years ago, when I was a student in Ukraine, the ‘Perepichka’ was one of my favourite Ukranian street food. Thanks again for bringing back some good memories

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