A Must Visit In Asheville, North Carolina- Hole Doughnuts

Hole DoughnutsOver Winter Break 2019, the Michael W Travels family went on a Deep South Road Trip.

During the trip we visited five states,  Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama and North Carolina.

One of the highlights was our visit to Asheville, North Carolina. The city has a great mix of interesting sites, breweries and lots of great food. I’d consider it an awesome junk foodie destination!My list for places to eat had a variety of options. However, our first stop was probably our favorite and most memorable.

When we made it into Asheville, we were all in the mood for a sweet treat so we headed straight to Hole Doughnuts.

The shop was busy but it wasn’t long before it was our turn to order.

The day’s offerings are displayed in a box by the counter. There were four doughnuts to choose from. We decided to go with three of them- Toasted Almond Sesame Cinnamon, Vanilla Glazed and Cinnamon Sugar.Moments later, we were happy to grab seats right across from the action.

Our front row seats gave us the opportunity to watch the doughnuts being made fresh to order.Look at these doughnuts! Not sure any other doughnuts say homemade more than these.

The Vanilla Glazed was fresh, warm and sweet, almost like French Toast! The Toasted Almond Sesame Cinnamon was nice and toasty with a good saltiness to it. This may’ve been our favorite! The Cinnamon Sugar was sweet and tasty but it was my least favorite. I’m not saying it wasn’t good, it was still really yummy.

Final Thoughts:

Hole Doughnuts makes some of the best ones that I’ve ever had. From the moment you arrive, you can feel the energy in the shop. The smell is incredible and if you get the right seat, you can watch these circular masterpieces being made, fresh to order!

Hole Doughnuts is located at 168 Haywood Road in Asheville, NC.

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