Chaps Pit Beef- Great BBQ In The Parking Lot Of A Strip Club

Chaps Pit BeefI first came across Chaps Pit Beef while watching Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives years back.

I had hoped to give Chap’s a try during a visit to Baltimore, MD years back but it didn’t work out. However, on a recent visit I made it a point to stop by on the drive back home to Brooklyn, NY.When we arrived at Chap’s, I found it kinda funny that the restaurant was located in the parking lot of a strip club! It was a rainy day but the restaurant still seemed to have a pretty big crowd based on the busy parking lot. (I don’t believe the strip club was open during the day…)We headed inside and waited on a line reaching almost to the door before ordering.While we waited, I took a few photos which showed proof that Guy Fieri did in fact visit the restaurant.We weren’t overly hungry so we only ordered one pit beef sandwich and mac & cheese for the kids. First thoughts: the sandwich looked and smelled great.
The bun was soft and moist from the warm beef which was a very generous portion. You can see this in the photo, there was too much meat was to fit on the bun!I was immediately impressed after one bite. The meat was smoky and rich with a nice, soft texture. The bun made for a good carrier, not taking anything away from the flavor.

Kim and Lucas also gave the sandwich a try and were equally impressed. If we were hungry, another sandwich would’ve been ordered!

What I also liked about Chap’s was the amount of sauce options. From what I recall, there had to be at least 5 barbecue sauces offered. I tried a bunch of them and enjoyed the sandwich with and without sauce.As for that mac & cheese, I’d skip it unless you’re visiting with kids. It really wasn’t very good.

Final Thoughts:

Since our first visit, Lucas and I have had Chap’s Pit Beef at a charity BBQ event  in Brooklyn and the whole family visited again at the beginning of our Deep South Road Trip.

The pit beef sandwich was equally enjoyable each time. This is a great sandwich which is a must-try if you’re visiting Baltimore or even just passing through. (There’s also a few other locations which I believe are franchises.)

Chap’s Pit Beef is located at 5801 Pulaski Highway in Baltimore, Maryland.

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  1. If you had visited one of the famous Lake Trout spots in Baltimore you probably could have hit the trifecta of seedy stuff – Drug Dealers, Prostitutes and Strip Clubs

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