Beaches in New York City Will Not Reopen Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend
Not a NYC beach… (American Samoa)

Yesterday I wrote about how beaches in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Delaware would be opening on Memorial Day Weekend.

This sounded like great news. However, in New York the openings applied to state beaches. The opening of local beaches were up to the local governments as long as they could follow the state’s rules.

Today, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that “it was still not safe” according to,  for New York City beaches to open in time for Memorial Day Weekend.

This might not sound like great news for locals looking to hit the beach. The weather is getting nicer out and it’s definitely not easy being stuck indoors most of the time. However,  a silver lining is that the mayor did say the beaches could open eventually during the summer.

I think this is a wise decision on the part of the mayor unless there’s some way for the city to enforce best social distancing practices on the beaches. I can’t imagine how that would be possible, so better to be cautious during these tough times.

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4 thoughts on “Beaches in New York City Will Not Reopen Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Emma Olivia- Umm thanks!

    DaninMCI- Interesting idea.

    Chrsitian- No beaches in NYC, interesting… Where is Coney Island, Manhattan Beach, Rockaway Beach? There are others too.

  2. With New York City being a generally crowded place I can see the argument for keeping city beaches on lockdown but it really doesn’t explain why the city golf courses are closed. Golf is naturally a good fit for social distancing when played without carts. Even the golf course employees have to continue to work to keep up the grounds and they work at distances as well.

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