Legoland Planning To Open In New York In 2019

legolandLegoland is inching closer towards opening its third location in the U.S. in New York State.

The park would open in Goshen, NY, around 60 miles from the city.

The New York Post reports that, “A planning board in Goshen approved a site plan to build a $500 million theme park based on the construction toy, which would open in 2019.”

Legoland NY would feature a theme park, hotel and aquarium.

Plans have been under review for almost a year and a half. The idea of building a huge theme park in the area has, “divided the tiny Orange County village.” Some concerns from residents are traffic problems, lower quality of life and home values going down. I found this interesting since I’d think an attraction of this nature would increase home prices.

A public referendum might take place in December but that won’t be able to stop Legoland from opening, it could only cause small modifications.

Besides the concerns of some residents in Goshen this is great news for families on the East Coast. Lucas is a huge Lego fan and loved our visit to Legoland earlier in the year. When I mentioned that Lego might be opening in NY, he eagerly asked if we could go!

Have you visited Legoland in Florida or California? If so, what did you think of the park?

Find out more about the new NY location here.

4 thoughts on “Legoland Planning To Open In New York In 2019

  1. It is nice to have Legoland in New York, but this should’ve been built further up north in the Cairo area just off I-87 at the old Friar Tuck Inn or the old Catskill Game Park. There are so many boarded up hotels, resorts, and restaurants up there could have benefited from this. development.

  2. I saw a construction PM job for this on Linked In a while back and almost applied.

    Traffic is always a conern but Legoland isn’t as big a draw as people usually think. Looking at the plans they want to locate it right off of a 4 lane highway, similar to how the California and Florida parks are now. They would have to upgrade a couple of surface streets but it doesn’t seem to be all that bad.

    Neither of the other US parks have any public transportation either .

  3. Jim- I used to spend summers in Monticello and know of Goshen but not well. You have to figure that if a park this grand is being built then roads will be fixed to handle the projected traffic.

  4. This is a mostly rural are of NY. It’s not got the infrastructure to handle something like this. Almost no public transportation to the area and the roads need serious work to handle the traffic. My former employer has a plant in the area so I’m quite familiar with it.

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