Park and Fly At JFK Airport At The TWA Hotel

TWA HotelThe last time we visited the TWA Flight Center was during Open House NY in October 2013.

The terminal was last available for tours in 2015 before construction got underway to transform the property into the TWA Hotel.

The hotel opened in mid-May 2019 and I’ve been hoping to visit ever since but we just haven’t gotten around to it.

The hotel has lots of amenities like a mini-food hall, rooftop pool, a Twister room, a bar within an airplane and more. During the winter, you can even go ice skating on the runway of the TWA Hotel.

If I wanted to visit the TWA Hotel with my family, we’d probably take an Uber roundtrip which could easily set us back an easy $75 in total. We could also drive to Howard Beach and take the AirTrain. The fee for the AirTrain is $7.75 each way. For 2-3 people, that could also add up.

I just got an e-mail from the TWA Hotel that they can now park your car!

Parking at the hotel is available for both short and long term stays.

If you plan to drive to the TWA Hotel, here are the rate options:

  • Up to one hour: $10
  • Up to four hours: $20
  • Daily Max: $35
  • Overnight, out by 11AM: $40
  • Park & Fly: $25 per day

We’re planning to visit the hotel and I’m pretty sure that four hours would be a good amount of time to do so. For $20, I definitely plan to park my car right at the hotel.

Otherwise, their other rates sound pretty fair. However, if you’re flying from JFK and need a park and fly option, you can certainly do better off-airport.

Have you been to the TWA Hotel? If so, what did you think of the property?

Find out more about the hotel’s parking options here.

2 thoughts on “Park and Fly At JFK Airport At The TWA Hotel

  1. BothofUs2- I’ve looked and know others who have to. Not sure there are discounted rates available. We plan to just visit the property- check out the bar, food hall, shop etc…

  2. Haven’t been, but planning to stay there for a scheduled international departure from JFK in July. The rooms seem a bit pricey, wondering if there are any tips to getting a discounted rate there. The hotel doesn’t seem to show up on any of the 3rd party (Expedia etc) sites.

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