Problem Solved! I Have 100 Amex Offers For Each Of My Cards

Amex OffersYesterday I wrote about how it was strange that neither of my American Express cards had any Amex Offers.

Using the live chat feature didn’t give me any answers other than to call a customer care number for support (which I’ve yet to do).

After posting about my Amex Offers issue I had a couple of responses to the related tweet. Both were a big help…

@Bruce_Berrol responded that the same issue has happened to him often on Chrome. He suggested using a different browser like Firefox. When I got home, I opened a Safari browser, logged into my account and like magic, each account had 100 offers!

@DannyDealGuru wanted to know if I tried an incognito browser or checked the Amex app.

I first downloaded the app since I was out and the Amex Offers appeared! I then tried an incognito browser in Chrome when I got home. Again, the offers appeared!

Final Thoughts:

In the end, I’m a bit surprised that the Amex rep didn’t give me any of these suggestions as to a way to solve the issue. Thanks to Twitter, I got some great suggestions which solved my problem. (Thanks again to @Bruce_Berrol and @DannyDeal Guru!)

So, Did I Add Any Offers To My Cards?

There were a few interesting offers which I plan to add.

  1. Spend $100 or more at Staples, get $25 back.
  2. Spend $15 at Jersey Mikes, get $5 back up to two times.
  3. Spend $25 or more at Chuck E Cheese, get $5 back.

I’ll most likely use the Staples offer in the near future. The other two, I’ll add but I’m not sure that I’ll use them.

What’s the best Amex Offer you’ve received?

One thought on “Problem Solved! I Have 100 Amex Offers For Each Of My Cards

  1. I’m having the same issue as you. Tried a number of browsers and incognito, still no offers but my wife’s cards and my parents cards all get various offers.

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