Strange! Why Don’t My Accounts Have Any Amex Offers?

Amex OffersA couple of days back I logged onto American Express to pay my bills. While on the site, I scrolled towards the bottom of the screen to see which Amex Offers might be available.

When I got to the section where the Amex Offers are shown, I was surprised to see the image above for both of my accounts!

I’ll admit that I’ve been slacking off recently, not really checking in to see what offers might be available on my cards but I’ve never seen the offers area completely empty.

I figured I could get some answers from the live chat representative and this is what I found out.Amex OffersThe answer given to me seemed to be a rather generic one. I’m pretty sure that I’ve received this (or a similar) response when I once inquired as to why I didn’t receive the Amex Offer for Shake Shack a few years back.

I then explained that I wasn’t questioning why I didn’t get a specific offer, I wanted to know why my Amex credit cards didn’t have any offers!

The rep took a couple of minutes to respond an then wrote “that is strange“. I was then given a phone number to call to see if there is some sort of issue.

Since the chat I’ve been a bit busy. I guess my homework for the weekend is to call customer service to see what’s going on.

Have any of you experienced an issue with Amex Offers?

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