This Hotel Will Bring Puppies To You As Room Service

Room Service
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A little over a year back we ordered room service for the first time ever during a hotel stay.

The only reason that we decided to order room was due to a $25 credit given to us during a stay at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco in Philadelphia.

While we haven’t been tempted since then to order room service, this new option could if we were staying at one particular hotel.

The Kimpton Hotel Monaco in Denver (coincidentally the same brand) is now offering a “Puppies + Prosecco Package,” according to Departures.

From August 23 to 26, in honor of National Dog Day, the hotel is including a special visit with some furry friends if you book a night in the Luxury Suite.

After booking the package, you need to let the front desk staff know which day and time you’d like to have puppies brought up to your room. During your hour of play time,  6 to 10 puppies will be brought in.

Included with this special room service delivery will be a puppy expert who can answer questions you have about caring for the puppies.

What’s nice about this special offer is that “fifty percent of the proceeds from the booked packages will be donated to Lifeline Puppy Rescue, a local no-kill rescue for young puppies throughout the Rocky Mountain Region“.

Along with your puppy delivery, a bottle of prosecco and Italian snacks will be included.

The special package gets even cooler as all of the puppies are provided by the rescue and can be adopted!

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