So, We Ordered Room Service At A Hotel For The 1st Time Ever

room serviceOver the years, the Michael W Travels family has spent many nights in hotel rooms. During these stays, there’s one thing that we’ve never done… We’ve never ordered room service until this past weekend.

You’re probably wondering, what may’ve changed for us to decide to splurge in this way.

Let me explain.

I had an IHG Anniversary Free Night expiring so we decided to use it for a one night stay at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco in Philadelphia. Thanks to an article by MJ on Travel (posted to Travel Update), I said the Kimpton Social Password when I checked in.

While they didn’t know that a new social password was out, I was given a $25 credit good for the restaurant, rooftop bar or room service. Kim and I decided that this would be a great reason to try room service out… Lucas was very excited.

We decided to order one thing for breakfast since we had other plans for after we checked out.a boy holding a bowlThe decision was simple, we ordered a Smores Waffle!a receipt with blue arrows and black linesAt $16, this one item would cover our $25 credit. The Kimpton charges a $6 delivery fee, there’s tax and an automatic 18% gratuity. This brought the total to $26.64 just for a waffle!

The waffle was from the hotel’s restaurant, Red Owl and to our surprise, it was really good! Really good, like Kim almost didn’t get a taste.a plate of food on a tableWhile Theo slept and Lucas & I waited for the delivery, Kim went out to get coffee and a drink for Lucas.a waffle with ice cream and marshmallows on topThe waffle was sweet while not being nauseating.

It was covered in chocolate syrup and was topped with four lightly torched marshmallows and a really yummy scoop of vanilla bean ice cream in the middle.

This is an item that I’d love to order again however, I can’t say that I’d spend $26 for one waffle! That’s unless I was given a $25 credit again during a future hotel stay!

Do you order room service during hotel stays? If so, do you know if a $6 delivery fee plus 18% tax standard? Do you think its still worth the splurge?

9 thoughts on “So, We Ordered Room Service At A Hotel For The 1st Time Ever

  1. DaninMCI- I get business people ordering room service- def makes sense to be productive! It was fun getting the delivery and Lucas was excited, it’s just too pricey and we like to find local food when traveling!

    cheeseburger- Thanks! Just imagine- there were two small syrups included which we didn’t open! That probably would’ve made the waffle nauseating!

  2. “The waffle was sweet while not being nauseating”
    haha I nearly fell into a sugar coma just reading about this waffle! It does look delicious, though; glad it worked out to be a nice treat for you!

  3. I order room service once in a while but mostly on business travel to save work time. I do have my limits. Most business level hotels aren’t too bad if you order something simple. I usually do this at dinner and order something like a club sandwich or salad. Typically $20 to $25 all in. Even if I went out for fast food it would cost $10+.

  4. Willy- I didn’t make her do anything. She went down to the lobby to get the coffee which the Kimpton offers. I’m pretty sure that she didn’t like the selection, I don’t recall. She also wanted to get a drink for my son since room service didn’t have what he wanted.

    FYI- room service takes like a half hour to arrive so if you want something sooner, you go get it.

  5. You made your wife go out and get a coffee instead of just ordering it with the waffle? Hahaha, what a real gentleman.

  6. On the Road- Thanks for that info! I could see it for people on a work trip and when the cost is on their company! For an individual making a personal order, its definitely a luxury.

  7. $5-8 dollars and 15-25% fee is the average range from my experience.

    Have ordered room service many times, it’s all about the convenience (e.g., be able to continue to work while waiting for the food and not be interrupted)

  8. pascon- That was probably the most expensive bottle of water you ever bought! Thanks, we really enjoyed that waffle! You’re more generous than us with housekeeping.

  9. I’m still smarting from my girlfriend opening a bottle of water that was on the dresser at a Hilton we stayed at years ago. So, no to ordering room service.,.unless I was in your position, with a $25 credit. Excellent use of that gift. Btw, I might be frugal, but I always leave $5 for the housekeeper. And $20 on holidays.

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