Tourist Stole Pebbles From Beach, Faces $1,300 Fine If They’re Not Returned!

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Have you every taken sand from a beach? What about a seashell or an interesting rock? I’d guess that most of you have done this at least once. Would you consider it a crime? I think that most of us would say NO!

A man is facing a hefty fine for stealing pebbles from a beach in Corwall, UK if he doesn’t return them!

The man will have to drive hundreds of miles back to Crackington Haven, Cornwall to return the pebbles he stole from the beach. If he doesn’t, he’ll face a fine of almost $1,300!

Fox News reports that there are “several signs warning the public that “stealing pebbles is illegal.” The signs were installed by the St. Gennys Parish Council.

Taking rocks from public beaches became illegal in the Coastal Protection Act of 1949 due to the environmental impact it could cause from “leaving the area exposed to erosion.”

After signs were installed warning people about the fines for stealing pebbles, people complained that they ruined the views on the beach. Due to this, the council removed two of the four signs.

In the end, if removing the pebbles causes so much harm to the environment, I could see the justification for the warning and fines to those who don’t follow the rules. What do you think?

Find out more from Fox News here.

3 thoughts on “Tourist Stole Pebbles From Beach, Faces $1,300 Fine If They’re Not Returned!

  1. Go to Hawaii. Every (almost) person who interacts with tourists tells them about the BAD luck that comes with taking rocks, lava, or stones home. And how every year folks return these items to the islands to shed the bad luck since taking them home. The facts are that if every tourist took home a single pound of sand form the Islands. in a few short years the Islands would be half there current size.
    One would think that the all powerful Parish Council would come up with an equally plausible reason not to pinch a few shiny stones from their beach. After all just a few hundred miles away, foolish tourists hang upside down just to kiss the Blarney Stone, and pay good money for the privilege.

  2. I would like to hear remarks from a scientist with an ecological speciality discuss the effects of visitors removinng pebbles from the mentioned beach.

  3. Sounds like the St. Gennys Parish Council is run by the same type of morons and idiots that run HOA’s; They just have to keep digging for more and greater asinine rules.

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