Thomas Cook Airlines Offering Economy Class Beds

Thomas Cook Airlines
image: Pressroom, Thomas Cook Airlines

Flying in economy class has its challenges. Some of the biggest issues are service, bad or no meals and most importantly space.

One airline has a solution to help make flying in coach much more comfortable, but its going to cost you.

Thomas Cook Airlines will be offering the chance to fly on a bed at the back of the plane, sort of…

The way it works is that the airline offers passengers a way to have a bed by purchasing a row of three seats which can then be converted. A mattress goes over the row of seats and the armrests go all of the way back so they won’t get in the way.

This new seat option will be available on Thomas Cook Airlines starting on May 13. This offer will only be available on long- haul flights.

Lonely Planet explains that, “When boarding, passengers will be be seated in a row of three seats. Once the seatbelt sign is switched off, they can ask cabin crew to make up their bed before they nestle down to sleep. For passengers who want to stay buckled up in the air, the seatbelt comes with a special extension so they can lay flat while wearing it – although they’ll have to sit up to eat.”

The three-seat option is available for bookings online at Thomas Cook Airlines. The option needs to be booked ahead of your travel according to Lonely Planet. Extra costs for this seating arrangement start at £200 one-way.

Find out more from Lonely Planet here.

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