Interesting Lyft Money Saving Offer

lyftLyft frequently sends out money saving offers good for future rides.

These offers tend to be in the 10% off range, while also be limited to a specific amount of savings.

I recently received a different kind of offer from the ride-share service.

Lyft is offering me $1.00 off 10 rides from now until April 9.

While I wouldn’t consider this offer to be anything to get overly excited about, it could be useful for short rides.

I can’t say that I frequently use ride- shares while I’m home but I can see using it for quick rides around NYC. If a ride is $10 or less, the savings would come out to 10% off or better per ride than Lyft’s usual offer.

Overall, I won’t go out of my way to take a ride with Lyft due to this offer but I’ll happily take a $1 off future rides if needed.

Have you received any money saving offers from ride share like Lyft and Uber?

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