Possibly The Best Travel Pants Ever- Clothing Arts P^cubed

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Hagar Qim, Malta

While at the NY Times Travel Show’s Industry Day back in February I came across a company which offers a pretty unique kind of apparel.

Clothing Arts makes the P^cubed Adventure Travel Pants which really caught my attention. They looked similar in some ways to other travel pants that I’ve worn over the years (North Face, ScotteVest). They come in similar neutral colors with cargo pockets along with a bit of a twist.

The P^cubeds Pants are Pick-Pocket Proof Pants.

I’m going to say this in advance- I’ve never been mugged or robbed while traveling or in my life for that matter. (Maybe I shouldn’t have said or written that down, possibly jinxing myself!) I don’t worry about these kinds of things when traveling and feel that I am always alert and smart about my surroundings. I can say that I even enjoyed visiting Nairobi, a place some might call one of the most dangerous cities in the world, hence the nickname Nairobbery.

So why would I be interested in Pick-Pocket Proof Pants?

  1. They happen to be really good looking pants.
  2. It never hurts to be a bit more cautious when possible.

At the Travel Show I had a chance to chat with the founder of Clothing Arts and to my surprise, they happen to be based in Brooklyn, NY. I was offered a pair of the Adventure Travel Pants to test out for review and was invited down to their office to check out the operation.

Clothing Arts offers a small line consisting of adventure & business style pants, shorts, and a few shirts.

I was happy to accept a pair of the P^cubed Adventure Traveler Pants in nature-like nylon. (They also come in a heavier cotton/ nylon version.)

When I tried on the pants I was really impressed with the fit and the look. They look great, like a pair of pants I could wear every day, whether it be while away on a a trip or even to work. I also found them to be very comfortable. (Besides wearing them during our trip to Malta, I’ve also worn them to work a bunch of times.)

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The Adventure Traveler Pants are not cheap at $109.95 but for the quality and added security that they provide, I do feel it is a fair price to pay.

Some Key Features:

  • The 100% Nature-Like Nylon is a great material for traveling in all season. They feel great and are not too bulky or heavy. According to Clothing Arts, they are “wrinkle free, quick-dry, lightweight, breathable, comfortable and durable.”
  • Its like wearing 4 money belts and you get to choose how secure and where the security is on your pants.
  • Front pockets are double secured with a button flap and zipper. They also have built in smart phone pockets.
  • Back and side cargo pockets are cut resistant
  • Back left pocket has a triple secure passport pocket
close-up of a pair of pants
image from clothingarts

It is also nice to have so many places to storage items. Plus you know that they will be safe and secure due to the multi-layered security provided for each pocket.

I really like how you can choose the level of security that works best for you. For the most part, I tended to only use the first level. If you look at the photo above, you will see that I could zipper the sidepocket closed and then choose to leave the button flap open or closed. I found the button to be a bit hard to open at times so unless we were on a crowded bus, I left the flap pinned back in the open position. Being that the zipper has to be pulled up, I am pretty sure that I or anyone else wearing the pants would feel the zipper trying to be opened.

I didn’t use the expanding back pocket to hold a guidebook but the snap did make it easier to get my wallet in and out as well as rebutton closed the back flap. Again, due to there being two layers of protection, many time I just zipped my back pocket closed not feeling the need to also button my pocket.

From what I recall, the Adventure Travel Pants were designed to be worn without a belt due to the adjustable waist tabs. I like wearing a belt and found the belt loops to be a bit small making it hard to pull my belt through each loop. It would be nice to see a pant with a built-in belt with a plastic buckle. Having to take off my belt while going through airport security is something that I find really annoying, especially when travelling with a toddler!

Overall, I found the Clothing Arts Pick-Pocket Proof Pants to be a very impressive, high quality product. The Adventure Traveler Pants are now a permanent part of my travel wardrobe. They should be a part of yours too!

Find out more about all of the great products that Clothing Arts offers here.

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3 thoughts on “Possibly The Best Travel Pants Ever- Clothing Arts P^cubed

  1. Be careful on sizing when purchasing these pants, as on the Clothing Arts website, the reviews are not reflective of everyone who does submit one. I purchased the women’s pants one size larger than my usual size, to be on the safe side, as I can sometimes cross into the next size dependent on fit. Sadly, they didn’t fit, and Clothing Arts has declined both my review and my request for them to fix the issue, asking me to pay shipping to exchange them. If you have to buy 2 sizes up from usual, you need to know this from go. Great looking pants, but if they don’t fit and the company isn’t providing a good level of customer service, potential buyers should have access to that information.

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