Duck Tour Boat Capsizes In Branson, MO, 13 Dead

Duck Tour
image: screen capture Branson Ducks Video


On a trip to Boston quite a few years back, Kim and I had a really fun time on a Duck Tour.

The Duck amphibious vehicles take you around town on land and on the water, which is definitely an interesting way to be shown around.

Duck Tours are offered all over and I figure that at some point in the future, we’ll take our kids on one of these tours.

Tragedy struck yesterday when a Duck tour vehicle capsized on Table Rock Lake near Branson, Missouri.

31 people were onboard the vehicle when it went down. So far, it’s been reported that 13 people have died. An unspecified number of others were unaccounted for.

A Huffington Post article mentioned that “the boat reportedly capsized as severe thunderstorms were moving through the area and has since sunk, according to KSDK-TV in St. Louis.”

As of last night, divers were in the water searching for survivors and victims.

Ride the Ducks is owned by Ripley Entertainment, the local sheriff’s office directed questions to them.

Update: Last night it was reported that 8 people died in the accident. As of this morning, it is now being reported that 13 have lost their lives. Divers are still trying to find four people who are still missing.

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  1. Definition; DUKW [not an acronym] manufacturer’s code for a type of military wheeled amphibious landing-craft (D means 1942, U means utility (amphibious), K means all-wheel drive, W means 2 powered rear axles)

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