Should I Choose Cash or Avios in the British Airways Class Action Lawsuit?

British Airways
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At the beginning of the month there were lots of articles about a class action lawsuit against British Airways.

The lawsuit was related to British Airways charging fuel surcharges although “the fees had nothing to do with the cost of fuel“, according to View From The Wing.

I was pretty sure that I redeemed Avios during the timeframe of the lawsuit so I wondered how I could become a part of the class action lawsuit.

Before I got a chance to look into the class action lawsuit, I received an e-mail (on June 6) from Fuel Surcharges Class Action with the subject “Dover v. British Airways Fuel Surcharge Class Action Notice“.

I have no clue if I signed up to be a part of the lawsuit years back or if I was included automatically. Regardless, I was excited to see what I was being offered.British AirwaysTo find out about my offer, I headed over to and looked up the offer using my Class Action Identifier.

Here is what I was offered:British AirwaysMy offer is to receive 12,500 miles (Avios) or a cash option of $84.47.

Considering I have no recollection of the class action lawsuit and don’t even know if I put a claim in, I’m pretty happy with the offer. However, once I heard about this lawsuit last week, I hoped for more!

In the end, I accepted the Avios option which I find to be more valuable than the cash.

What would you choose?

Once I clicked the link to receive Avios, the settlement page mentioned, “You do not need to submit a claim form to receive the Avios. You will automatically receive Avios deposited into your Executive Club Account within 30 days of the Effective Date of the Settlement.

Did you receive a settlement from the British Airways Class Action Lawsuit? If so, what did you receive?

For those of you who did not receive a unique ID… If you want to see if you’re part of the claim, try sending an e-mail to

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