British Airways Serves Nutri-grain Bar For Breakfast, Passenger Pissed Off!

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A British Airways passenger is pissed off and he shared his feelings on social media due to a meal served during a long haul flight.

Daniel Hayter “paid $2,200 for his return flights from New York to London when he was offered” a Nutri-grain bar for breakfast.

Hayter decided to share his disgust for how cheap British Airways has become by tweeting a picture of the bar along with, “Disgraceful @British_Airways – for the price I pay for my ticket and this is breakfast“, according to The Sun.

British did offer an apology and said that they’d make a note of his comments. They also mentioned that they hoped he would see positive changes soon.

Hayter mentioned that the service he’s been used to for over 30 years was fine but that it’s been going downhill. He also wondered, “Why not just go back to what you used to serve?!

A spokesman for the airline told the Sun that Hayter was given a three- course meal earlier in the flight. They also claim that the lighter second meal is offered since many customers prefer extra time  to sleep.

I feel that the customer had the right to complain and that a Nutri-grain should not be given out as a meal, but what can you do? These days, the airlines seem to be cheaping- out as much as they can.

What do you think about this situation?

Find out more about the story here.

6 thoughts on “British Airways Serves Nutri-grain Bar For Breakfast, Passenger Pissed Off!

  1. American Airlines business class started to cut down on breakfasts years ago They gave the same “phoney”excuse about extra sleeping time. Quality has been sliding ever since

  2. BA is sliding ever so fast to Spirit’s level in economy. Easyjet and Norwegian have a far better economy product and Norwegian has
    a far better premium product.
    In short BA is sad and pathetic and has a bad attitude.

  3. I’m assuming the $2200 ticket was a last-minute economy fare. If it was, the price of the fare is irrelevant; coach is coach. Is he suggesting that there should be separate meals for each fare-bucket in coach?

    If this was business class, he has a right to complain.

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