Man Only Wearing Underwear Charged For Jumping On Wing Of Plane

image: Twitter @reallydiscool

A 19 year-old man jumped on the wing of an airplane while only wearing his underwear.

The bizarre incident took place at Atlanta’s Hartsfield- Jackson International Airport. The man, Jhryin Jones “has been charged with a host of offenses,” according to Fox News.

He was charged with criminal trespassing, public indecency, material damage and obstruction of law enforcement.

Jones climbed a 12-foot fence and ran onto the tarmac proceeding to jump onto the wing of a Delta Air Lines plane which had just landed. Jones also tried opening the plane’s emergency exit door.

It was originally reported that Jones was a passenger on the plane who jumped out once the plane landed.

Video footage of the incident shows Jones only wearing his underwear, carrying his clothes.

Fox reports that, “A flight attendant added that, at one point, he put what seemed to be an ID in his mouth before he “ripped it apart” and threw it away.

Find out more from Fox News here.

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