Woman Self-Upgrades To Business Class, Shamed Back To Coach

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If business class seats are empty it doesn’t give you the right to try to upgrade yourself for more space and better service.

That’s what one woman tried to do three times during a flight!

During an AirAsia flight from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong, a woman switched her seat from the economy section. She moved herself into an X premium class seat, basically the airline’s version of business class.

The first time this happened was before takeoff. A flight attendant told her that the seats cost extra and that she could book them for a future flight. After an argument, the woman moved back to coach.

After takeoff, the woman again self-upgraded. She was told to move back to her seat again by a flight attendant and did so after another argument.

She returned for a third time before getting shamed out of the seat by another passenger.

Bruce Lam was seated in X premium with some friends. He shared details of what took place in a Facebook post…

Lam mentioned that the third time the woman came back to the premium seats behind him, “She lay down and started playing with her phone.” He also wrote how the flight attendant told her it wasn’t fair to other passengers for her to self upgrade while other passengers couldn’t.

After the woman started yelling at the flight attendant, Lam stepped in to help out with the situation. The NY Post reports that “Lam stood up and yelled in Cantonese, “Just return to your seat. Once, twice, thrice, they asked you. Have you no shame?”

After the woman told Lam it wasn’t any of his business she headed back to coach for the last time.

I find it interesting that the woman wasn’t kicked off the plane after giving the flight attendant a hard time prior to takeoff. If this kind of thing happened in the US, it’s safe to say she would’ve been arrested for sneaking into Business Class and arguing with the flight attendant.

Find out more from the New York Post here.

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  1. the reason she cannot afford better seats is because the unfairness in life the rich people in J did not pay their “fair share” of whatever back to the society. they are the ones that should be shamed back:p

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