Disney Cruise Line Denies Boarding To Pregnant Woman Who’s Pissed Due To…

Disney Cruise Line
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A woman who is 25 weeks pregnant is upset due to a Disney Cruise Line denying her and her family boarding on a 6 day trip.

Emily Jackson isn’t so upset with the fact that she missed the trip, she ‘s more upset “with how the staff at Disney Cruise Line treated her family after they were denied entry to the ship“, according to Fox News.

Jackson flew down to Miami with her family, including her two children for a Disney Magic cruise around the Caribbean. She was denied boarding due to missing the 24 weeks pregnancy cut off. Jackson also gave the staff a note from her doctor.

What got Jackson so upset was that an armed police officer escorted her family out of the ticketing building while they waited to get their luggage back from the ship.

Jackson says that they had to wait outside in the heat for close to two hours for their luggage. She said due to this “both babies are red-faced“.

The armed officer supposedly arrived after Jackson’s father asked Disney staff if they could hurry with their luggage.

Fox shared Disney’s statement explaining their position saying “for health and safety reasons, our policy does not allow women who have reached the 24th week of pregnancy to travel, which is consistent with other cruise lines and is noted on our website and in travel documents our guests receive before sailing.”

I have to say that in this case I’d have to agree with Disney.

As for the armed officer, Disney’s statement mentioned “The Miami-Dade Police Department is responsible for security at the port and handled the situation as they felt appropriate given the guest’s actions.”

In the end Disney Cruise Line offered to issue a refund for the family’s fares however other vacation expenses would not be covered.

Find out more from Fox News here.

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