Will Whole Foods Soon Give Amazon Prime Members 10% Off?

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Whole Foods is definitely not the cheapest  place to shop. However, since they were bought by Amazon, the cost of some items has come down.

Besides cheaper prices, you can also now buy various Amazon item in-store at their markets.

Amazon Prime gives members various perks like free two-day shipping, Prime Video and the chance to borrow books.

Grub Street recently shared news about a very nice perk in an article with the title, “Whole Foods Teases Plan to Give Amazon Prime Members a 10 Percent Discount.”

GS mentions that CNBC came across a couple of signs at one of the Austin stores- the Whole Foods headquarters. (We stopped by that location during our trip to Austin over winter break.)

The signs offered what could be a very nice cost-saving perk to Amazon Prime members, an extra 10% off on hundreds of sale prices. Another indicated that blue signs were special deals for Prime Member Deals.

Whole Foods said the offers are not official and CNBC mentioned that the signs were placed in the store late on a Wednesday and gone by the next morning.

The grocer said that they’re currently not testing any of these offers. It definitely makes you wonder what kind of discount  Amazon Prime members might get at Whole Foods in the future.

Find out more from Grub Street here.

2 thoughts on “Will Whole Foods Soon Give Amazon Prime Members 10% Off?

  1. Whole Foods is definitely not the cheapest place to shop.

    I was recently surprised on an Amazon Prime delivery order of Whole Food items that most of the items (chicken, produce, eggs) were the same price as Trader Joes or Costco and of higher quality. Prices were the same as shelf as far as I could tell, got a two hour delivery window and I just paid the suggested driver tip.

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