Airbus To Have Sleeping Areas In Cargo Holds In 2020

image: airbus newsroom

Unless you’re flying in business or first class it isn’t easy to get good rest during flights.

A new option coming to Airbus planes in 2020 could offer more places to sleep during flights. Bloomberg reports that, “Passengers flying on Airbus SE planes will soon be able to slip down into the cargo hold for a proper nap.”

Airbus is currently working with Zodiac Aerospace, a seat manufacturer on lie-flat seats which could fit into the cargo holds of their planes. The first plane which could get these new seat options is the Airbus A330 widebody.

The cargo holds are not so surprisingly used for cargo. They’re also used as an area for the flight crew to rest and clean up.

To make the area still usable for cargo, Airbus is planning to make the new sleep areas into removable modules. They’d be able to be replaced quickly “during an aircraft’s typical airport turnaround.”

Airbus said that the bed modules will be able to fit into older plane models or built into new planes being produced.

It wasn’t mentioned how the cargo hold sleeping areas would be ticketed. Could it be a new business or first class area? Maybe it would be a new class of its own…

Find out more from Bloomberg here.

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