There’s A Museum Coming To NYC Dedicated To Eggs!

image: wikicommons

Scrambled, over-easy, hard boiled. Omelettes, on a sandwich or as a salad. Most of us love eggs.

In my opinion, the best thing about eggs is the many ways they can be prepared and eaten.

One of the most bizarre museums pop-ups is opening in NYC next month, dedicated to eggs!

The Egg House will open on April 7 on NYC’s Lower East Side. Bon Appetite says that it, “allows egg lovers to immerse themselves in multisensory installations dedicated to everyone’s favorite oval ingredient.”

The museum is the home of Ellis, an egg character who lives in NYC. Each room at the pop-up is a different part of Ellis the eggs house. There will be “The Foyer, The Kitchen, The Hallway, The Pool, and The Garden“.

The museum will have six rooms which should be fun for taking photos in. There will be a pool filled with balls, a human- sized egg crate, egg-shell swing and more.

The Egg Shop and Eggloo will be selling savory and sweet items and museum staff will give out free breakfast items and coffee in the morning and eggnog tastes in the afternoon.

The Egg House is located at 195 Chrystie Street. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, March 15, which you can purchase here. Admission is $18 per person, $12 for kids under 10 and senior citizens.

Find out more from Bon Appetite here.

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