Arlington Texas Cuts Bus Service For Via Ridesharing Vans

image: Twitter @ridewithvia

Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft have become enormously popular, helping you to be able to hail a ride at the touch of a button from your mobile device.

A couple of years back I wrote about how one city would be subsidizing Uber rides.

Now one rideshare company will be replacing the public transportation option in Arlington, Texas.

Via will be available for $3 per ride or $10 for a weekly pass. Mercedes vans will pick you up when hailed through an app or a phone call.

For now, Via will cover the downtown core in Arlington “and key areas like the entertainment districts, hospital and a connection to the Dallas-Fort Worth airport,” according to Engadget.

By the summer more of the city between I-30 and I-20 should be covered. The service is available from 7AM to 9PM on weekdays, and 9AM to 9PM on Saturdays.

The prices for riding with Via in Arlington sound like a bargain. This is due to “subsidies from the city, which is providing about a third of the overall project’s cost (about $322,500).¬†The Federal Transportation Administration is supplying the rest.”

The project will be tested for a year and could be extended based on how the Via partnership works out.

Find out more about the Via- Arlington rideshare partnership here.

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